2018-11-4 The Third Praise Band, "Christ in Me, Jump (Fred's Song), Same Power, Amazed", Benny Means, Emily & Sean Cummings.

2018-11-4 The Third Sermon, "Changing Lives for Good: Saints, Preserve Us!", Colossians 1:3-12, Sermon by Rev. Janet Forbes.


2018-11-11 The Third Praise Band, "My Life is in You, Shout to the Lord, Step by Step, Give Thanks", Bennie Means, Emily & Blithe Cummings.

2018-11-11 The Third Sermon, Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-3, "A New Season: Leadership", sermon by Rev. Janet Forbes.

2018-11-18 The Third Praise Band, "One Thing Remains, Give Thanks, Revelation Song, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)", Blithe & Emily Cummings, Benny Means.

2018-11-18 Introduction of Matthew Snyder - General Manager of the Casper Horseheads baseball team, The Third Sermon, Luke 15:1-7, "A New Season: Saying Grace", Rev. Janet Forbes


2018-11-25 The Third Praise Band, Blithe & Sean Cummings and Benny Means.

2018-11-25 The Third Sermon, Luke 11:1-13, "A New Season: Keeping the Vigil" by Rev. Mary Schmidt.