2019-4-15 Monday Holy Week, Gift of Music "Were You There?", Soloist - Kendyl Terry.

2019-4-15 Monday Holy Week, "Facing Temptations", sermon by Father Jim Shumard, St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

2019-4-15 Monday Holy Week, Offertory, Musical selections on the piano, soloist - Kendyl Terry.

2019-4-16 Holy Week Tuesday, Gift of Music, "The Old Rugged Cross" ~George Bernard~, Elaine Vangelov, Debbie Pyska - Guitar, Diane Lynn Frame - Violin.

2019-4-16 Holy Week Tuesday, Offertory - "That Lonesome Road" ~Nathaniel Shilkret and Gene Austin~, Elaine Vangelov, Debby Pyska, and Diane Lynn Frame.

2019-4-16 Holy Week Tuesday, John 21:15-17, "Do You Love Me?", Pastor Tyler Martin - Outfitter Church.

2019-4-17 Holy Week Wednesday, Gift of Music, "Wondrous Love", arr. Alice Parker & Robert Shaw, Casper College Choir, Director - Zachary Vreeman.

2019-4-17 Holy Week Wednesday, "Carrying the Cross", Pastor Shayne Mason Vincent, Casper Adventist Church.

2019-4-17 Holy Week Wednesday, Offertory, "Behold the Savior of Mankind" ~Henry Purcell~, organist - Diane Lynn Frame.

2019-4-18 Holy Week Thursday, Gift of Music, "Amazing Grace ~John Newton~, Oil City Singers.

2019-4-18 Holy Week Thursday, John 13:1-13, "Amazing Love", sermon by Pastor Jim Shade, The Fort Ministry.

2019-4-18 Holy Week Thursday, Offertory, "It is Well With My Soul" ~Horatio Spafford & Philip Bliss~, Oil City Singers.

2019-4-18 Maundy Thursday 7:00 PM Service, Ministry of Music, "The Power of the Cross", Grace Singers, Director - Diane Lynn Frame.

2019-4-18 Maundy Thursday 7:00 PM Service, John 13:1-5, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 read by Patricia Bell, "Remember Me, Meditation by Rev. Mary Schmidt.

2019-4-19 Holy Week Friday, Gift of Music, "When Jesus Died for Me" ~Liebergen~, Flute - Dr. Patricia Bell, Piano - Diane Lynn Frame, Ecumenical Choir, Director - Amber French.

2019-4-19 Holy Week Friday, Mark 15:42-47, "A Eulogy", Rev. Janet Forbes.

2019-4-19 Holy Week Friday, Offertory, "What Wondrous Love is This" Violin - Diane Lynn Frame.

2019-4-19 Good Friday 7:00 PM, Service of Lights and Shadows, "Ah, Holy Jesus" ~arr. Sandra Eithun~, Koinonia Ringers, Director - Dana Deuel.

2019-4-28 Capital Fundraising Campaign from the Board of Trustees, John Schlerin and David Korenke.

2019-5-28 "Our Future in the Post-GC 2019 Reality of United Methodism", District Superintendent Jeff Rainwater.

2019-6-5 Celebration Ringers, First Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO, Director - Deacon Joan Kuehn, Faith Ignited Choir, FUMC, Casper, WY, Director - Diane Frame.

Easter Sunday 4-21-2019

2019-4-21 Ministry of Music, "Easter Triumph" ~J. D. Frizzell, Koinonia Ringers, Director - Dana Deuel.

2019-4-21 Sermon, Mark 16:1-8 read by Marvin Nolte, "Walk the Walk", Rev. Janet Forbes.

2019-4-21 Ministry of Music, "The Easter Song" ~Anne Herring~, Passion Choir, Director - Diane Lynn Frame.

2019-4-21 Offertory, "In Christ Alone" ~Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend~, Soloist - Elaine Vangelov.