March 2019 Sermons

2019-3-3 The Third Praise Band, "Promises, Shout it Out, One Thing Remains, Great I Am", Sean Cummings, Emily Cummings, Blithe Cummings, Noah Grimmie, & Jimmy Cash.

2019-3-3 The Third Sermon, Romans 12:14-19, John 13:34-35, John 15:5-8 (The Message), "Three Simple Rules", sermon by Dr. Patricia Bell - Pastoral Intern.

2019-3-10 The Third Praise Band, "Happy Day, You are Good, Healer, The Stand", Band members - Sean Cummings, Blithe Cummings, Benny Means, Noah Grimmie, & Jimmy Cash.

2019-3-10 The Third Sermon, "Once Upon a Sacred Garden: Vine and Branch", John 15:1-11, Sermon by Rev. Mary Schmidt.

2019-3-17 The Third Praise Band, "Christ in Me, Build Your Kingdom Here, How Can It Be, 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)", Sean Cummings, Emily Cummings, Blithe Cummings, Benny Means, Levon Jaure, Jimmy Cash.

2019-3-17 The Third Testimonies - Levon Faure, Tina Burton, Patti Petro, Benny Means, Cassidy Miskimins. Closing - Rev. Mary Schmidt.

2019-3-24 Praise Music at The Third, "Total Praise" ~Steve Green~, sung by Brian Harris and dedicated to the memory of Aice Marshal, "Everywhere to be Found, Heaven (dedicated to the memory of Aice Marshal), They that Wait upon the Lord, Chasin' the Wind (written and perform by Benny Means & Brian Harris), Amazing Grace", Benny Means & Brian Harris.

2019-3-24 The Third Sermon, Mark 1:16-20, 8:31-35, "Once Upon a Sacred Garden: A Fork in the Road", sermon by Rev. Janet Forbes.

2019-3-31 The Third Praise Band, "Shout it Out, The Stand, Here in Your Presence, Revelation Song", Sean Cummings, Emily Cummings, Jimmy Cash.

2019-3-31 The Third Sermon, John 14:1-4, 8-18, "Once Upon a Sacred Garden: Final Gifts", Rev. Janet Forbes.