June 2019 Sermons



2019-6-9 8:30 Song of Praise "Holy is the Lord", led by The Third Praise Band members - Sean Cummings, Emily Cummings, Blithe Cummings, Benny Means.

2019-6-9 8:30 Ministry of Music, "How Can it Be?" Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, Jeff Johnson, Solo - Emily Cummings, Guitars - Sean Cummings and Benny Means.

2019-6-9 8:30 Sermon, Acts 2:1-8, 12-16 read by Linda Brubaker, "Pentecost: Then and Now", sermon by Rev. Mary Schmidt.

2019-6-9 8:30 Song of Response, "Blessed be Your Name" led by The Third Praise Band.

2019-6-9 8:30 Offertory, "Holy Spirit" Brian and Katie Torwalt The Third Praise Band.

2019-6-9 8:30 Song of Sending Forth, "How Great is Our God" led by The Third Praise Band.



2019-6-2 8:30, Baptism of Natalia J'Nae Gomez, daughter of Fernando & Andrea Gomez, grand daughter of Bob & Ellen Fox.

2019-6-2 8:30 Ministry of Music, "Build Your Kingdom Here" Rend Collective, Faith Ignited Choir, Director - Diane Frame.

2019 6 2 8:30 Sermon, Acts 1:3-11 read by Janet Garner, "Now What?", sermon by Patricia Bell.

2019-6-2 8:30 Offertory, "Grace Alone" Scott Wesley Brown & Jeff Nelson, Grace Singers, Director - Diane Frame.

2019-6-2 8:30 Communion Music, Elaine Vangelov, Debby Pyska, Laurie Vance - guitar.