BridgeWorks offers top-notch, innovative lifelong learning experiences. Our interactive events are grounded in authentic spirituality and intellectual integrity.

Open to people of different faith commitments, and diverse backgrounds, our events build community while transforming perspectives.

Organized in 2007, BridgeWorks is an extension ministry of the United Methodist Church that is directed by the Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter. Rebekah is an ordained Elder in the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church.

BridgeWorks provides learning opportunities that build bridges of understanding. From events and workshops to pilgrimages, BridgeWorks finds ways to reach out to both church and community. We offer empowerment in the areas of Care of Creation, Embracing Diversity, Jewish Roots of Christianity, Hope and Healing and Leadership and Communication. Be sure to check out brand new books from BridgeWorks' director, Rebekah Simon-Peter: Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! and Seven Simple Steps to Green Your Church.

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Rebekah Simon-Peter

The author of Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! and Seven Simple Steps to Green Your Church, Rebekah earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont and worked on the State of Vermont’s water quality and acid rain studies. As a trained and experienced naturalist and scientist, she bridges the gap between faith and action in the care of Creation.

Before becoming Director of BridgeWorks, Rebekah served local churches for more than a decade in the Rocky Mountain west. She makes her home in the Continental Divide Basin of Wyoming where she lives with her husband Jerry Gonzales.

Raised in an interfaith home, her interactions with the Jewish community have interested her in the Jewish roots of Christianity. She is passionate about turning barriers into bridges of understanding.