Celebrate God's Love Through Engaging Worship

Located in Casper's downtown city center, our church strives to touch and enrich the lives of worshipers near and far. Through engaging worship and service, we embrace the ideals set out by our Savior and choose to welcome all with open arms. At First United Methodist Church Casper, we love because He first loved us, and we give because of the many gifts He has given us. We serve Christ and our neighbors locally, regionally and globally, and our congregation is 1,100 members strong and growing every day.

We encourage all to celebrate the presence of God and connect with the Holy Spirit at First United Methodist Casper. All in our congregation are welcome to explore their God-given gifts, and find ways to better serve Jesus Christ and the world through them. Nourish your spirit with weekly sermons, community dinners and praise at First United Methodist Church.

Put Faith and Love into Action at Our House of Worship

Experience the love of God in our Wyoming community church. At First United Methodist Church Casper, we've worshiped our Lord from historical downtown Casper since 1983, and strive to serve Him through Christian living. All are encouraged to join our ministry to experience God's love and celebrate His Glory. Learn about the teachings of our Savior through our Sunday worship services, or through smaller group discussions as you connect with fellow believers. Use your God-given gifts to raise others up and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. All are welcome to join our congregation in learning about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Explore your faith with First United Methodist Church Casper.

Open hearts, open minds and open doors await at First United

Our congregation welcomes everyone from all walks of life to accept Christ into their hearts and lives. Christianity is about love for all, and we respect persons of all religious faiths and defend religious freedom for all. We can't wait to help enrich your life through Christian living and honoring our Lord. Every Sunday, our Methodist ministry gathers at 11 a.m. for a traditional hymnal service in the main sanctuary building, and again at 5 p.m. for our free community dinner and worship through our praise band. Honor and serve Christ through engaging worship at First United Methodist Church Casper, and discover how you can serve and experience God's grace today.

Worship and celebrate Christ in a loving environment

First United Methodist Church Casper bears witness to Christ through word and deed, and lives every day by striving to emulate the example set by our Lord and Savior. Learn of his teachings through our many ministry opportunities. We offer programs for adults, youth, kids and preschool aged worshipers, so you can nurture your families spirit in one place. God has entrusted us with financial and physical resources to meet our needs and carry out his redemptive work in the world, and we love sharing our teachings and beliefs with like-minded believers. Begin your spiritual journey and accomplish God's mission. Join our congregation and learn about the love of Christ our Lord.