Revitalization Retreats

Prompted by ideas expressed in the book Shift, by Phil Maynard, the Board of Stewards commissioned a series of retreats to revitalize our ministry. In his book, Reverend Maynard describes “. . . a series of individual shifts that, when combined together, shift the culture of their churches – bringing vitality and fruitfulness.” These shifts are:

  1. From fellowship to Hospitality

  2. From worship as an event to Worship as a lifestyle

  3. From membership to Discipleship

  4. From “serve us” to Service

  5. From survival mentality to Generosity.

During a retreat the attendees, according to their interest, divide themselves into each of those five areas. There they develop concrete action plans – including goals, funding, and leadership – to implement changes in the ways we minister to our congregation and community.

A summary of past retreats is outlined below. The retreats are open to everyone and last two hours. We welcome all to attend and become involved in the revitalization of our church.

The next meeting is January 21, 2017 from 9:30 to 11:30 in Fellowship Hall.

Highlights and Summary

Action Plans January 23-April 3, 2016


Change the placement of the coffee and dessert table, include water with fruit slices. Recommendation: Obtain feedback; change allows for movement and the congregation isn't huddled by the trash can.


Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday a sensory experience. High praise for the wow experience – intentional placement of palms, flowers, banners, and music made the two Sundays a memorable experience. Recommendation: Continue to incorporate service with multiple ways to experience the message (visual, touch, sound).


Harvest America – a favorable experience. Over 100 participated, a worthwhile event that supports our mission to Celebrate, Connect and Serve from the Heart of Casper. Recommendations: 1. Partner with other churches in Casper. 2. Advertise earlier.


Financial Peace University. Recommendations: 1. Improve communication within an outside church for next session. 2. Recruit substitutes to facilitate class. 3. Provide FPU scholarships.

Action Plans April- August, 2016


Ushers and greeters – invite new people to greet. Please contact one of the members who were present at the April 9 retreat to get the follow up information.


Enhance the music experience. Next meeting for this group will be in May. Please contact one of the members who were present at the April 9 retreat to get the follow up information.


Change the World Sunday, May 15. Outside banner is made, needs to be placed within church for a couple of weeks then outside the week of event. Group will be working with Jen Miner to enhance the work areas around town. Please contact one of the members who were present at the April 9 retreat to get the follow up information.


Goal: Participate in the Act of Giving. Designate a Sunday for all to give something (card, written note, food, and clothing). Still in the working stages.

Action Plans October 2016-January 2017

These plans are illustrated in the poster photos.

Next meeting: January 21, 2017. If this is something that interest you please join us.

Action Plans January 2017

At the January 21, 2017 retreat the Shift 1: Hospitality team committed to reorganizing our greeters; and to producing a Visitor Card that will be given to visitors, and in laminated form, placed in the pew racks. A draft Visitor Card is illustrated in the photos below.