September 2018 Sermons


2018-9-16 The Third Praise Band, "Blind Man Shout, You are Good, One Thing Remains, No Longer Slaves", Sean Cummings, Blithe Cummings, Benny Means.

2018-9-16 The Third Message "The Story of Dad & Mom Regarding the Prodigal Son", Luke 15:11-24, Guest Speakers - Dave & Brenda Doyle.


2018-9-9 The Third Praise Band, "Freedom is Here, My Redeemer Lives, Good, Good Father, Sit at Your Feet"; Band Members - Sean, Emily & Blithe Cummings, and Benny Means.

2018-9-9 The Third, "Gratitude" - Part 1, Guest Speaker - Mary Ellen Wheeler.

2018-9-9 The Third, "Gratitude" - Part 2, Guest Speaker - Mary Ellen Wheeler.


2018-9-2 The Third Praise Band, Blithe, Emily, and Sean Cummings, Noah Grimmie.

2018-9-2 The Third Sermon, "A Heart Healthy Diet", Mark 7:1-23, District Superintendent Jeff Rainwater.